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All on 4 implants

With All on 4 implants in Cancun, we adequately redesign your smile. Be part of the experience

We know that living with quality and comfort is essential for each of us. But sometimes, there are medical situations where we are not in control of. The good news is that there are various solutions when it comes to finding the right Mexican specialists.


Restore to smile

An avant-garde concept where we provide a complete restoration of your smile, returning to the quality of life you deserve, using four titanium implants in the upper or lower jaw supporting the new fixed hybrid denture. We provide our patients with an accessible solution without any type of graft. In addition, we provide them with a fixed arch prosthesis on the same day of surgery, allowing them to recover with Cancun’s best care and experience.

Discover your new smile and appearance with our all on 4 implant treatment in Cancun, by the hand of our mexicandental specialists with the best training, personalized attention, and adequate follow-up, making your visit to Cancun much more enjoyable.



We receive the patient


We carry out the diagnosis, taking a panoramic X-ray, intraoral scan, professional facial and intraoral photos


We carry out live dental mock-up


We prepare the teeth, making an intraoral scan and the placement of provisional.


We perform the “try-in” of the ceramic restoration so that a sample of the veneers can be seen


Already approved, we carry out the cementation of restorations, taking and impression for protection guards


We verify that everything is in order and proper form

A complete solution


Get the smile you deserve with our All on 4 Implant treatment and feel the comfort in your life again. At Dental Clinic Cancun, we are committed to providing you with the care you require and to experience the amenities that Cancun offers you, parks, restaurants, hotels, and beautiful places.
All on 4 implants

Full arch restoration with only four implants, having a reduced recovery time while enjoying Cancun

Return to your oral functionality, eat, chew and speak normally

Forget about annoying dentures and get fixed teeth. We use quality materials, making your teeth feel and look natural

Discover your new smile and appearance with our all on 4 implant treatment in Cancun, by the hand of our mexicandental specialists with the best training, personalized attention, and adequate follow-up, making your visit to Cancun much more enjoyable.


At Dental Solutions International, we adapt to your needs

Being specialists in dental treatments and dental cosmetics, we are committed to each of our patients to provide them with quality materials suitable for the oral procedure and needs, with a variety of All On 4 Implants.

Phonares Hybrid (Emax Porcelain)

Arches are made of a frame in combination with metal and nano-fused porcelain.

Full Arch Zirconia Prettau

Zirconia archwires, single disc, with the ability to never discolor and create a natural appearance on your teeth.

Crystal Ultra Dentures

It is made of a metal-ceramic material that has the ability to flex with the natural movement of the patient’s mouth, acting as a buffer between the force of the mouth and the implants.

Unique alternatives

As part of our technique in All On 4 Implants, we have suitable alternatives for each patient. Our specialists in Implantology are trained to make an accurate diagnosis and provide you with quality procedures.


A procedure similar to the All On 4, recommended for patients with limited bone tissue, requiring more stability for the implants serving as support for a new group of permanent teeth with a natural appearance.

  • Short treatment and fewer surgeries than conventional implants
  • We do it in a single visit because recovery and healing are faster and more comfortable with the amenities of Cancun.
all on 6 implants


This type of prosthesis is supported by eight dental implants instead of 4 or 6, adhering to the jaw naturally and replacing lost or damaged teeth.

  • Suitable for patients with loss of all teeth due to age, injury, or condition
  • Much easier and faster placement and recovery procedure

Why do i have All on 4 Implants at Dental Solutions International?

When thinking about dental treatments, we know that the fundamental thing is the cost-benefit of having a procedure of this type. But visiting Cancun and having dental work has its advantages, creating a unique combination for the patient.


Our All On 4 treatment and its alternatives can be performed and even completed in much shorter periods without waiting months for another appointment


Advanced technology and innovative techniques in dentistry from our dental laboratory


Qualified dentists and Mexican specialists providing adequate diagnosis and follow-up so that you can live the complete experience in Cancun

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Dental Solutions International gets ideal results from the first teeth whitening session, achieving a renewed and bright smile.