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Diamond Veneers

Dental Solutions. He specializes in direct technique, artistic work, done by hand, without carving your natural tooth, directly on the tooth, in a 4-hour appointment you leave with your finished treatment. Its durability is between  8 or 11 years depending on the eating and hygiene habits of each patient.

Do you feel self-conscious about your smile due to discolored, chipped or crooked teeth?

You can instantly improve your smile with composite veneers! The direct composite veneer can be used to correct gapped, chipped, misshapen, and stained teeth. They can be built next to the office affordably and can often be installed in just one visit.

“Click , Slide to see the before“

“Click , Slide to see the before“

Our Diamond Veneers are a highly aesthetic tooth-colored material often used for the front surfaces of teeth that are seen when you smile.

While Diamond veneers can wear out faster than ceramic veneers, they are easier to repair and cost less, although Diamondn veneers (direct technique) typically have a shorter lifespan than ceramic veneers (lab-fabricated) ( indirect technique), we offer an affordable and convenient option that requires a much smaller investment of time and money.

They are a particularly useful option to repair aesthetic damage and correct problems with the size and shape of the teeth, which can be maintained once a year and maintained for a long period of time and with excellent hygiene and eating habits can last between 8 and 10 years.

Diamond veneers application procedure

In a single visit, Diamond veneers require less or no enamel removal. Your dentist may be able to make and place your veneers in one visit.


The Diamond material is typically applied to the surface of the tooth and shaped by your dentist, thus giving you a timely yet effective smile makeover.

Diamond veneers vs. Lab veneers

Diamond veneers have many advantages, including being cost effective without sacrificing quality. Another advantage is timeliness: Diamond veneers can usually be fabricated while you wait. Diamond direct veneers are sculpted on the teeth instead of wearing down the natural tooth and doing it in a laboratory.

The Diamond material is applied directly to the teeth, where it can be shaped, sculpted and polished for a more natural, tooth-like appearance. Arguably the biggest benefit of Diamond Veneers is reversibility, where minimal prep work is done to the teeth when it comes to Diamond Veneers, meaning they are not permanently altered to such an extent that the Diamond Veneer material can be removed. and replaced as necessary.
While many patients prefer Diamond Veneers to lab veneers, Diamond Veneers, with proper care, can be an excellent option.

Lab veneers typically last 15-20 years, while Diamond veneers last 8-10 years. Frequently Asked Questions about Veneers

Diamond Veneers FAQ

Diamond Veneers are an alternative to the porcelain finish with a slight translucent due to its high ceramic content and meticulously sculpted and hardened by your dentist, usually in a single appointment. If you have worn, chipped or damaged teeth, Diamond Veneers can be sculpted directly onto the teeth for exponential results.
This is a separate procedure from a dental crown, dental bridge, or dental fillings. Although they use the same materials, Diamond Veneers are more functional than aesthetic treatments.

They are used to correct discolored, gapped, crooked, or misshapen teeth. The veneer is placed over the imperfect teeth and gives them the appearance of straight, white and radiant teeth.

Often referred to as “armchair veneers,” Diamondn veneers are designed by the dentist directly onto the tooth, requiring the technique of a dentist combined with the eye of an artist. Diamond veneers can usually be placed in a single visit, but lab veneers often require several visits before being placed.

During your appointment, with her input, your dentist will select and sculpt a shade directly onto your teeth to create a veneer that best matches your smile. Then, a high intensity light will be used to harden the Dinamon Veneers. Finally, the composite resin will be buffed and polished until it matches the natural, healthy appearance of the rest of your smile

This depends on several factors, including the patient’s home care routine and the frequency with which they go for check-ups (we recommend at least twice a year). If you maintain a strict and comprehensive routine, your Diamond Veneers can last at least 5 years and up to 10

Your care requires the same care that your natural teeth require. Over time, they will be affected by darker liquids and hard objects like ice and hard candy. Periodic visits to the dentist every six months will break the longevity of your veneers with deep cleaning and maintenance since the bacterial plaque that is the saliva that dries in the mouth, due to not having a correct brushing before bed and flossing , it can form a film of plaque that takes on color depending on eating habits, and the use of a sleeping protector in patients with prosthesis in the arch opposite the veneer or patients with bruxism problems, since this causes edge wear top of the tooth when sleeping and it is hit at night that will chip the veneer as it did on the natural tooth; In these cases, a night mouth guard is used to protect your natural tooth and the veneer.

Diamond veneers are an excellent alternative to lab veneers and can correct many of the errors in your smile. Clients also like them because they’re not time consuming or expensive, they’re minimally invasive, and they give their teeth that realistic shine they once had.

What are Diamond Veneers? Dental Veneer is a special material that is applied to and sculpts the tooth. Once the optimal shape of the tooth is achieved, it is polymerized with a special light and subsequently polished. Diamond veneers are extremely advanced materials and are continuously developed to produce better results for patients. Diamond veneers are a relatively new dental procedure, favored by the recent dental generation interested in preserving the underlying tooth structure.

Consider the Diamond Veneer they are a highly esthetic composite with 72% organic material and 22 nanometers with 38 megapascals of zirconia, making it strong and with a ceramic and natural finish.

  • Want an enhanced smile for a wedding or other special event
  • Want the convenience of a same-day placement
  • You want a less invasive procedure to retain more tooth structure
  • Would you like your veneers to be able to be repaired quickly and easily if they become damaged?

The benefits of Diamond Veneers are a straighter and more attractive smile, brighter and more natural looking teeth.
The shine can be maintained simply by practicing good oral hygiene and avoiding staining food and drinks such as coffee, soda, tea, etc.

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