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Live the experience of a root canal in Cancun. Save time, money and enjoy comfort at Dental Solutions

For us, prevention is an essential part of oral health. We have alternatives and methods that can save your teeth, for example, endodontics in Cancun.

Your smile is essential either to make a good impression or simply for basic activities like eating. At Dental Solutions, we provide appropriate treatments for each dental need that arises.


The treatment used in Root Canal prevents tooth extraction and maintains its functionality. Don’t let time pass and make it worse. Contact us today.

The Basics

What is an endodontics treatment?

One of the treatments most used by our specialists consists of removing the damaged, infected, or dead pulp of a tooth (internal fibrous tissue of the tooth); later, it is cleaned, reshaped, and space is restored. Which is also called a root canal.

With this procedure, we help preserve a healthy smile and save the affected tooth. The most common causes for a root canal to be performed at Dental Solutions International are:

  • Fractured teeth
  • Deep cavities
  • Dental injury from accidents or blows

Let's save your teeth

Learn about our complete procedure

Our endodontic procedures are meticulously performed, as they are minimally invasive yet delicate treatments. When not done correctly, they can lead to complications such as infections, pain, and tooth sensitivity. That’s why, at Dental Solutions, we prioritize the use of cutting-edge technology, maintain top-notch facilities, and have our laboratory readily available at all times to ensure your comfort and the success of your endodontic treatment.


We remove the outer tissue of the tooth affected by cavities; we make a hole in the area to access the dental cavity


We extract the damaged pulp, thoroughly cleaning the entire cavity down to the root, polishing the inside of the tooth, giving it a cone shap


We fill with the appropriate material and close the hole, optimally restoring the tooth


We assess whether the patient will need antibiotics preventively.



A unique solution

Endodontics is a standard treatment, and our specialists are well-prepared to perform it optimally. This treatment offers several advantages, enabling our patients to alleviate the discomfort and persistent pain associated with dental issues. Some of the benefits of endodontics include:

  • Avoiding the extraction of natural teeth.
  • Eliminating oral infections and preventing their consequences.
  • Preventing adjacent teeth from shifting irregularly.
  • Restoring normal tooth functionality.
  • Avoiding the need for costly and time-consuming dental treatments.
  • Endodontics is a valuable option for preserving your natural teeth and maintaining oral health.
If you are experiencing intense pain or heightened sensitivity to temperature changes, it’s crucial to schedule a visit with us. You may need a root canal procedure to address the issue. Don’t hesitate to call us today to seek the necessary treatment.


Why should I have my root canal done at Dental Solutions?

We know you are looking to enjoy your vacation when coming to all inclusive plans to Cancun, but saving on good dental care is an opportunity you cannot miss. At Dental Solutions, we offer you comfort, attention, and the speed you need to continue enjoying the time to take it easy, which is the rest you deserve.


Safe and comfortable treatments, with high standards of safety, cleaning, and sterilization in each instrument or procedure


In case of receiving treatment for a couple of visits to the clinic, the stay in Cancun is comfortable and at fair prices, with first-class care and follow-up


The world-class cultural richness and natural landscapes


Reclaim your smile today with the comfort and quality that your teeth deserve. Join the Dental Solutionsexperience.